You can now add a soundtrack to your story on Instagram!!

As was rumored in May, Facebook-owned Instagram has introduced a new feature on “Stories” That would allow users to add a soundtrack to their content from a library of thousands of songs.

Instagram stories get a new feature

Attaching music is as easy as adding a sticker, and folks can choose a backing track to their Stories before or after recording video. When anyone watches them, they’ll hear the song playing and see a sticker showing its title and artist name to discover exactly what they’re jamming to.
Selecting a soundtrack to a Story seems easy enough: When tapping to add a sticker to a photo or video, a music icon will pop up. Tap that to bring up a library to search for the perfect song or browse by mood, genre or popularity. Tracks can be previewed before


You’ll need the latest Instagram version (51) to add music to Stories, and it’s currently only available in select countries. For now, choosing a song before starting a video is available on iOS only, with Android soon to come.

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