World’s first solar-powered smartwatch to launch in 2018!


Have a smartwatch? Great! Loving its battery? I’m sure you are not. This is the norm when it comes the battery life of a smartwatch, despite its small form factor, companies have been having to bestow smartwatches with good batteries. And while most of the today’s watches can more or less make it through a day without dying, it’s still a far cry from the months or even years that conventional watches can run for.

There is always a room for improvement in the tech world. What if you never had to charge your smartwatch? Well, that’s a promise being Lunar a Kickstarter has made, with their new project that claims to be the world’s first solar-powered smartwatch. It right that solar powered wristwatches aren’t a particularly new concept; Casio and Citizen are two particularly well-known brands. Lunar isn’t the first hybrid smartwatch to try and solve the battery problem, either: a company called Sequent took a stab at it on Kickstarter earlier this year using kinetic charging, too.

You can know more about their Kickstarter project from their website, they have been raising funds to achieve the cost required for mass production, and apparently, it’s doing pretty well.

Lunar is a first-time company, so its evidently your call to lay your trust upon it, as much as it’s our call. That being said, the company does seem pretty far along, promising to ship the first devices by December 2017, which is certainly a good sign, let’s hope that they really succeed in doing it.
The Lunar watch is available on Kickstarter for an early-bird price of $138. However, that model only offers the sapphire-coated glass, not the full sapphire crystal, which starts at $169 and won’t ship until 2018.

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