With the latest update on your Oneplus 5 or 5T, you will be able to take portrait selfies.

Portrait mode is a welcoming feature for its last year flagship, as very few companies really care about the customer satisfaction from their old phones.

portrait selfies in OnePlus 5, 5T.


Portrait mode appeared on OnePlus devices starting with the OnePlus 5, and it was further refined with the OnePlus 5T and the OnePlus 6. During my own testing, their portrait mode implementation has worked really well on my OnePlus 5T, even taking into account the idea OnePlus devices haven’t previously been known for their photographic prowess. The OnePlus 6 further refines it, and the OxygenOS 5.1.6 update brought an interesting feature to users: selfie portrait mode. There is no dual front-facing lens to make this happen, mind you. Just like the Google Camera app on the Google Pixel 2, OnePlus’ implementation is purely software-based. As such, a port to previous OnePlus devices is possible.

And its official now, the company has announced that they plan to bring their front-facing portrait feature to the OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5T—last year’s flagship devices—in a future update. Both devices currently have their own portrait mode implementation on the rear camera aided by the secondary sensor. And just like the OnePlus 6, the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T only have a single 16MP front shooter, so selfie portrait mode images are constructed via software algorithms. OnePlus made the announcement based on user feedback during the first Open Ears Forum in India.

The other refinements that are expected to come as an update is that OnePlus Switch is said to enhance data and desktop backup. Another fix has to do with the camera which is scrapping the oil-painting effect. Accent color themes which will be added to Themes and a dark theme which will be added in the native dashboard Shelf. Lastly, OnePlus will make FileDash, its transfer system, compatible with other OnePlus applications.OnePlus has been coming with a host of updates of late. Recently, OxygenOS 5.0.4 had rolled out new updates on the OnePlus 3/3T. These updates include a July security patch, camera improvements such as image quality optimization. It also brought fixes related to third-party camera apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp.

At the Open Ears Forum, OnePlus also said that it will bring a gamut of updates to select OnePlus phones. The company said that it will improve the FileDash to be made compatible with other OnePlus applications. The company also said that it will update the OnePlus Switch with support enhanced data backup and desktop backup. It also said that in the next few OxygenOs updates, the “Oil Painting Effect” on the camera app will be enhanced.

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