The Haunting of Hill House: Chills down my spine!

I already knew that I was going to post this review before the show even ended, A couple of episodes down and I was totally addicted, so bad that I watched all 10 of them in a row, one after another. When I was mid-way, I was absolutely in love with how the story was progressing and by the time it ended, I was left with only one word “Wow”.

This is my very first time i have binge-watched a horror series, and also the first time I’m writing a review about a series based on this genre, for I felt compelled to do so.

The action takes place in two time frames, the 1980s and the modern day. The Crain family—father Hugh, mother Olivia, and children Steven, Shirley, Theodora, and twins Nel and Luke—spend a summer at Hill House that, as one might predict, changes everything. The story flips back and forth between the Crains’ lives as children and as adults, setting and answering questions about what happened in that fateful place, and exploring the psychological aftermath.

The chronology is well handled. The first five episodes are each devoted to a particular sibling’s story, showing how they intersect, and eventually adding up to a full family portrait. Episodes move fluently between formative childhood experiences and the resulting adult behavior.

Notwithstanding the foregoing. The Haunting of Hill House is HANDS DOWN  one of the best series I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a meditation on death, grief, and trauma. It is equal parts scary and engaging. It has disturbed me and moved me. This was flawlessly directed and produced and the cast has done a marvelous job in doing total justice to each and every character. Each episode flows seamlessly and the transitions between the past and present are impeccable. It’s portrayal of the supernatural as more of a human experience and less of a “poltergeist” type is revolutionary. It, to me, makes more sense to believe in ghosts than I ever thought was possible.

Flanagan previously directed the Stephen King adaptation “Gerald’s Game,” one of Netflix’s best horror movies and one so rooted in one place that it had the feel of a play.

Review: 9/10

To wrap up this, I’ll only say, If you are not a huge fan of horror, watch this series for its brilliant story. Warning: You might end up sleeping with the lights on for days.

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