The 48 MP smartphone camera by Sony!

These sensors will start to arrive in smartphones from as early as September this year.

Despite the launch of 41-megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 back in 2013, over the last few years, smartphone makers have largely featured 12-MP or 16-MP cameras, opting to focus more on improving things like auto-focus speeds and 4K video recording instead of chasing higher resolutions.

However, the mobile megapixels wars may be heating up again with the release of Sony’s new IMX586 smartphone camera sensor and its class-leading 8,000 x 6,000 48-MP resolution.

They introduced its latest CMOS image sensor for smartphones. Each of them only 0.8 μm in size, stacked onto a 1/2-type unit. It will begin arriving at smartphones as early as September 2018.

Sony said in a press release the increased pixel count will enable high-quality photos even when devices are using digital zoom. The IMX586 implements the Quad Bayer 2×2 pixel array. This means on most occasions it will bin four pixels together outputting the equivalent of the 12MP sensor with large 1.6 μm pixels.

For bright low-noise photos and videos when shooting at night. During the day or in a well-lit environment, the grid will return to its usual signal processing, reaching 48 MP photos in real time.


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