Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have an under-display fingerprint sensor

There were rumors during early 2017 that both Samsung and Apple could come up with the “under-display fingerprint sensor” for their respective flagships. Unfortunately, those just stayed as a rumor, for the companies, especially Samsung had to delay the involvement of this new technology. This also why we have such an awkwardly placed fingerprint sensor at the back of both S8 and Note 8.

However, this could all change next year as we’re already hearing plenty of rumors that 2018 flagship phones will sport an under-display fingerprint sensor, the latest of which points to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Another report tips some of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S9. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI Securities, stated that Samsung’s next Note flagship may have such an “under-display optical fingerprint” technology when it launches in 2018. With smartphones slowly ditching bezels altogether, this would be the ideal solution if manufacturers were to continue using fingerprint sensors for authentication.

Apple is in the same boat – the Cupertino company reportedly attempted to use an under-display sensor on the iPhone X. In the end, Apple opted to rely exclusively on 3D facial recognition for biometric authentication, in what many called a risky move.

Ming-Chi Kuo still discerns facial recognition as the superior authentication method.

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