Razer’s first smartphone could launch in November!

Buckle up Razer fanatics! The world-renowned gaming hardware company, famous for its sophisticated product design looks all set to launch its first smartphone next month.Hence proving all the previous rumors of a Razer smartphone for gamers true, much more tangible. Razer just came up with a teaser for its event on November 1st with a preview image that shows a man holding a phone.

It’s needless to say that the phone will linchpin on the top-end gaming features, meaning it will include some powerful tech. The URL for the live stream reads “watch, listen, play” which further suggests there will be a big focus on gaming on the new phone.

The legendary gaming hardware company acquired Nextbit earlier this year. So we all could expect some design elements of the last year’s “super-fragile” phone(Nextbil Robin) could be present in the new one.

Will the cult’s favorite live up to the hype? We all will find that out on November 1.

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