The Punisher Season 1: Review


After the murder of his family, Marine veteran Frank Castle became a vigilante known as “The Punisher” with only one goal in mind, to avenge them. The Punisher is back and this time with his own Series but is the Series as mediocre as the reviews said?

I wasn’t sure what to expect and didn’t set my hopes too high. I’ve enjoyed the Punisher films over the years and liked what I saw in Daredevil.
Having said that, I would also like to put forward that some of the critics have done an atrocious job in reviewing this Series, this show speaks volumes about the character by doing a much-needed justice to the portrayal of Frank Castle.

Bernthal finally gets the shot he deserves at a big main role and he blows it out of the water. You seriously feel as though you are watching De Niro at the beginning of his career, only with lean muscles and Rambo attitude. The man switches from irrational brute to extremely fine nuances of emotions in a second. He also completely sells the “dumb muscle type” while appearing as the wise-ass, smart and even profound, depending on what the scene requires. This man should get some well-deserved roles in near future. His partner in crime in this series, Ebon Moss-Bachrach is constantly brilliant, with an intelligent comedic feel he brings to every sentence with a lot of smart facial micro-expressions and with body language.

The quality of this show is comparable and sometimes better than the two seasons of Daredevil, which is probably Marvel’s best show. I read a lot of reviews and it was mostly centered around the problem with gun violence and violence in general. In fact, some critics only watched the first 6 episodes of the Punisher and gave it a review. But I will admit, the first six-episode could’ve been shorter. It moved at a very slow pace and a lot of the Punisher’s storyline is detracted from characters like Madani (servers as one of the flaws in this series). But negatives aside, I’m not sure if they got the comic book character of Punisher right. Nonetheless, it goes without saying that Jon Bernthal gives an emotional performance. When people think Hugh Jackman as the wolverine or Robert Downey Jr as iron man, Jon Bernthal is on that same level. He is so violent and emotional and you can tell how much effort Jon puts into this role as the Punisher. Although you don’t condone the Punisher’s actions, at the same time you understand why he is doing what he is doing.

The Punisher, in short, depicts the character in all his glory, yet finding ample time to show the broken man from all possible angles. I did not find that there were any twists or turns that I could not foresee, yet the entire season had me gripped. It is a return to form for Marvel TV universe. You can definitely binge watch this over the weekend. Take my word, you will not regret it. Punisher was exciting from start to finish.

I’m gonna give this an A.

Just a word of caution: If you cannot handle gore, it will be difficult for you to watch this.

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