Pixel 2 will be cheaper than the latest iPhones and Samsung’s galaxy lineup!

There is a good news for those Android users who love Google Pixel phones but hates their prices, you should know that the incoming Pixel 2 models are going to be at least as expensive as their predecessors. Making it still very much affordable than the latest iPhones, particularly the iPhone X, or Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 models.

That’s not it! To top it off, Google just launched a trade-in program to make the Pixel 2 seem more affordable, and it slashed the prices of the older models. But a new report says that Google might be working on a Pixel 2 offer so good that you won’t be able to refuse.


The post that listed all the specs of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, A renowned tech news company Android Authority included a piece of information that sounds too good to be true.

It has been also reported that purchasing a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL will get you unlimited Google Cloud storage until 2023. That means you’d be able to store anything in Google’s cloud for years, not just pictures.
If true, that would be huge, as it’d offer those people who use a lot of cloud storage some massive savings over the course of 5 years — 2023 does sound pretty arbitrary.
Currently, each Google account comes with 15GB of free cloud storage. 100GB costs $1.99 per month, while 1TB of storage is priced at $9.99. Need more? $99.99 buys 10TB of storage per month — What could a possible human being do with all that data? That’s hard to digest.

Since all this is not official yet, so we all should take it with a grain of salt and let’s suit of patience. The Pixel 2 should be launching on 4th October, during the Google’s annual event.


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