Phone of the Year goes to Galaxy Note 9. Is it too early? (Pixel 3: Hold my beer? ) I don’t think so.

Phone of the Year goes to Galaxy
We all saw note 9 coming, but we didn’t know it looks this good on paper.

Phone of the Year goes to Galaxy Note 9. Is it too early?

The Note series has always had an enterprise focus and this year’s Note 9 is no exception to that strategy. Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 9 at an Unpacked event yesterday in New York City.

It’s a massive, great phone, as we all expected, and it costs a bomb. But there was much more that Samsung showed off, including Fortnite’s Android debut, the Galaxy Home smart speaker and a Galaxy Watch.

With that being said, no this is not a click bait, and I’m sure you folks are not here to know when it was launched or how was the event, the main purpose of this article is to shed the light on why we have already awarded this phone with “Phone of the year” tag?

First things first, even if you are not a tech enthusiast, you’d be drooling over its specs sheet after traversing it.  Read this: –

6.4 inch QHD Super AMOLED display, its the best of its kind, 8 GB RAM, Snapdragon 845 of course, 512 GB of internal storage, SD card slot for more storage (I’m sure those 512 GB will be exhausted in a week, right?), IP68 water and dust resistant, USB Type C, Headphone jack, 4000 mah battery, a very efficient and technologically advanced stylus, IRIS scanner, fingerprint scanner, heart rate sensors, dual cameras with optical image stabilization on both (one has dual aperture,) and fast wired and wireless charging. All of this packed inside one slab of metal and glass, now protrusion and no future explosions!

We know its very early to crown them the best, since, Google hasn’t even come up with pixel 3 yet, but at The Noble Blog, we aspire not just precision in our information, but to achieve that feat, we muster or dexterity for the good, and in the course of attaining that we foresee to run a venture from time to time.

We will be posting the full review this, with its caveats, (You might be thinking that ‘didn’t this blogger just name it phone of the year?’, what could be the cons? ), well since nothing comes for free, and this one definitely doesn’t. We’ll talk about how evenly its priced in our upcoming article.

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Galaxy Note 9 will be the first phone to offer fortnite on Android!

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