Oscars 2019 Prediction- “A Star is Born” is already a ginormous contender for grabbing the Best Director, Best Supporting Actor and Best Original song of the year!

After watching this I can tell you it stretches far enough to earn her some Oscar gold.

I’d like to start my take on this review that’s written below with two words: Bradley Cooper!

I watched this movie, with no knowledge about its story/summary, I wanted to be non-partisan. After I finished watching this delightful piece of art, I was flabbergasted to know that Bradley Cooper directed it. Yes, that’s right. This man is finally getting the Oscar! He surely is (Nominated 4 times as of now)

Sometimes weighty expectations can crush a movie before it has any chance to pop. With “A Star is Born,” a moving trailer and excited murmurs from film festivals, created seemingly unreachable levels of hype. Then, somehow, it reached them.

In Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, he manages to instill life and a reasonable degree of freshness into a movie that had already been made three times previously. He clearly has a knack for capturing intimacy, and he uses that skill to make a movie that is deeply personal to himself, to co-star Lady Gaga, and to the characters they portray.

It’s a remarkable achievement that this movie works. Cooper certainly deserves heaps of credit for his directing acumen and committed acting performance (he worked with a vocal coach for months to lower his speaking voice a whole octave). His voice is low, rumbling, and worn. He sounds like someone who has just finished coughing for four and a half days straight. It suits the character, Jackson Maine, who struggles with drinking and drug use, all while still managing to perform nearly every night in front of thousands of fans who adore his music.

The film is a joy as it touches your emotions and grows on you from the love of the two central characters and the pain combined with fame and sorrow make this musical drama an absolute contender for Academys.  Poised to be an instant classic, almost everything about this film is phenomenal – the acting, the cinematography, the discography, etc.

If the Oscars have truly transcended and still genuine, then, It will be nominated for several Oscars and win “best original song” for sure. Whether you love Gaga as a singer or not, let’s just appreciate and enjoy this amazing work by a new actress, LadyGaga.

This is not the typical genre of movies like Moonlight/Spotlight/Blackkklansman that will probably snatch Oscars for best picture, but I can promise it will still do well in the award seasons. To sum up, it will gain both commercial and critical success. It’s a movie that will take you to another world full of emotions. Lady Gaga is an amazing actress with impressive acting skills! The songs are pure art and her voice will give you chills, you’ll just find yourself in tears!

KEYNOTE: Wait for the Blu-ray version to come out! This movie isn’t coming to India this early. I’d advice to not watch the HDCAM version which is out already. (I had to, because,  expenses doesn’t pay for itself!)


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