OnePlus 7 Will be 5G ready according to CEO of OnePlus.

The next offering from OnePlus will be 5G Ready

The Chinese smartphone company recently launched its flagship smartphone OnePlus 6 and its a feature packed which has everything which makes it a worthy competitor to other flagship phones this year.

Currently, with Mobile World Congress taking place in China, we have a new update for all the loyal OnePlus users, as Carl Pei of OnePlus admitted himself that the next flagship Smartphone will be 5G ready.

He did not reveal the name of next smartphone (possibly 6T), but he gave pretty conspicous anunciation about the company’s goal for the next phone and to achieve it, they are collaborating with their heretofore chipset partner Qualcomm .

He said in partnership with QUALCOMM they will make their first 5G smartphone.

It’s obvious that there are other Companies who will be following the same footsteps like OnePlus in the field of 5G ( Samsung, Huawei, Oppo etc.)

Generally, with their every new flagship OnePlus launches their T variant with upgraded specs. They started this trend 2 years ago after launching 3T. But it will be imprecise of us to say anything certain about the very existence of a 6T at present.

There are many concepts on the internet but afterall, they are just concepts, so we will wait for reliable leaks to discuss it further in future.

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