Now You Can earn money from Facebook – Facebook Audience network

Facebook Audience Network is an advertisement network which started few months ago, but it was not available for the general  public during it’s initial stages. The good news is that now the Facebook audience network has been made public for all the users who own a website or a Facebook Page which has a fair amount of daily visitors, this can help you in earning quite a good amount of money.


 Facebook audience network is extremely intuitive, it grasps people’s need with the help of the patterns in      which they are using their device and day to day behavior just like Google Ad-sense.


You can go to the respective website, i have  attached a link above. If you click on start now and add a payout Information in which they ask for basic information like your name , address, date of birth etc. Then your account detail with swift code for wire transfer. Once its has been successfully setup, you’re good to go.


You can add Ads to your website apps and Facebook page. there is not so much to talk about for the same but if you want to see Video tutorial to see how to setup,use and earn money form “FAN” , feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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