Media dot net: – Perfect alternative of google AdSense

If you are a blogger then may be you already know about media dot net, media dot net is an Ad Network like Google AdSense, its mostly used in United States. In fact, 90% of the revenue is generated of media dot net from USA.

Media dot net was founded by Divyank Turakhia , unfortunately,  tied with Yahoo and Bing.

Above written things are history and the fact is Media dot turns out to be a better alternative to Google AdSense.


To be honest, it’s not popular at present, but it provides better rate than google, you can effortlessly set this up for your website and most importantly, there are hardly any restrictions, unlike google AdSense. Besides, it has better approval rates.

Its opinionative, but, let’s be real, Media Dot is better than google AdSense.

I would highly recommend our viewers to choose Media dot not over Google AdSense if you want to earn Money smartly and ethically.


I attached a link of Media dot net setup page.

if you want to see video tutorial Comment below.

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