How hulk was defeated so easily by Thanos at the beginning of Infinity Wars?

How hulk was defeated so easily by Thanos

How hulk was defeated so easily by Thanos, I think I’m capable of answering this, for I have been reading a lot of online marvel comics lately and watching some of its old as well as the new animated series.

To answer this question we will have to dig in a little. Even though the MCU’s version is not exactly canon, but they still draw a lot of inspirations and classifications from the comics.

Infinity war Hulk vs thanos
The answer in this post is completely based on theories and my curated knowledge.

For example, We clearly know that Thor and Hulk are the most powerful avengers, in terms of BRUTE strength.

Which is what I would discuss to establish the utter beat-down oh Hulk by Thanos in minutes, right in front of a liberated (Ragnorak) Thor on his knees.

I have not come across anyone who could address the inherent power and lineage (that leads to that power) of Thanos.

He was born as an abomination (mutant, who as usual was hated by his own kind for his peculiarity) to the ETERNALS (Check them out).

By far the strongest and most powerful Titanian Eternal, Thanos is a superhuman mutant whose massive, the heavy-bodied form was born with the capacity to synthesize cosmic energy for certain personal uses.

Thanos has increased his powers through bionic amplification, mystical enhancement, and as a result of being resurrected by Death itself.

Thanos possesses vast superhuman strength the full limits of which aren’t known. Death has increased his strength beyond their original limits to levels rivaling or surpassing those of the physically strongest Eternals. Thanos’ strength is so vast he has destroyed entire planets with the simple force of his blows.

He has proven capable of fighting Thor even when he had the Power Gem.

His strength is so vast that he has been able to easily defeat the likes of the Silver Surfer, punch away an attacking Hulk, physically subduing with ease Beta Ray Bill and Ronan the Accuser (as well as casually breaking apart the latter’s Universal Weapon) and, most impressively, wrestle with the mighty Greek god in law and power, although only by being additionally empowered by an external power source.

Thanos can also augment his strength with his cosmic energy when needed.

Add to it the other capabilities,

Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Stamina


Accelerated Healing Factor

Superhuman Reflexes & Agility

As a Titan, much advanced Skilled Unarmed Combatant

Thanos can defeat a lot of heroes & villains, bare-handed without even needing the Gauntlet, sometimes even stronger than him. He only needs the IG to carry out his more diabolical and ulterior plans much beyond just raw power.

In the scene, when he fights Hulk, with the power gem he could’ve easily finished Hulk, without even touching him but he doesn’t just obliterate him.

It is because Thanos respects/is intrigued by Hulk, just like he left Thor, Star-Lord and even Iron Man in the end. He praised, notated very crucial regards to each.

He’s much more than the Hulk, smarter. more intelligent (a different thing), more experienced and given Hulk’s immaturity in Ragnorak, much more stronger mentally and physically.

Ok, some possible spoilers ahead.

That said, I think in the second part, Hulk would stand up to him and that would be the much-needed evolution for Hulk.

Until then, do not mess with the Mad Titan


How do you think Cap was able to hold back Thanos and the infinity gauntlet?


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