Google’s A.I. beats Apple’s Siri during IQ comparison!

Google CEO Sundar Pichai speaking at a conference on May 17, 2017.

According to a report from three Chinese researchers. A report which was aimed to compare the intelligence of various AI systems found that in 2016, Google’s AI had an IQ of 47.3, ahead of Chinese search engine Baidu (33), Microsoft’s Bing (32), and Siri (24). Which makes  Google’s A.I. is twice as smart as Siri, which is quite a feat to achieve for Google, which is presently leading the list of smartest A.I. It’s also worth mentioning that, none of these systems have a higher IQ than a 6-year-old (55.5), much less an 18-year-old (97), the researchers found.

Google’s A.I. stacked up against Apple’s Siri.

AI is becoming an important segment for companies that use the technology to power an increasingly large portion of their offerings. For example, Google has been using RankBrain (machine learning program) to power most search results, and Microsoft’s intelligent cloud business is becoming extremely lucrative.

Although its arbitrary for the general public to figure out which A.I. is smarter, it’s quite gratifying for all tech buffs like us to know how Siri actually performs in the competition, Siri capabilities today are far more advanced than it was six years ago, it’s not as if Apple has the market cornered on AI-powered assistants. However, Siri today faces stiff competition from a number of tech behemoths, including Amazon, Microsoft, and of course, Google.

As the competition is becoming more absorbing, things weren’t actually this “Smart” a few years ago. In 2014, Google’s IQ was 26.5, and Microsoft’s was 13.5. Google and Microsoft have shown substantial growth in their AI’s IQ. Its hard to tell the scores of Apple and Baidu, since they weren’t measured at that time, however, both companies have been working hard to improve their AI’s functionality.

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