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Google AdSense: – Finally got approved by Google AdSense

What is google AdSense

Google AdSense is most powerful and most popular Contextual Ads Network provided by google now a day every establish blogger using this network to monetize their website and a new blogger it’s a dream to use this and first to get approved for Google AdSense.

Got AdSense is toughest to get approved for advertisement, Actually I got approved for AdSense after got disapproved at least 10 times.

Here I am Sharing my experience how I get rejected and how I get approved.

Google AdSence

Original Content:  Always write your own content never try copy and paste form Another Website because it will not be approved by google AdSense if google bot find content duplication in you blog post.

In my case the content was original.

Design of blog post: You have to make the website simple and user friendly so visitors of your website not find any difficulty in browsing your website if google bot found any difficulty in browsing your website like navigation one page to another they will strait away reject your website.

In my case this is also fine

Necessary Pages: There are some of the pages you must have in your blog its very necessary to have these pages (About us, Privacy policies, Contact) these are the pages which you need in your website.

I my case I missed About us and privacy policy pages and got rejected several times until I fixed this thing.

Irrelevant content: There are some content which is irrelevant according to google like porn, Gambling, Violent content etc. If you are using this type of content in your website, you never get approved by google AdSense.

These are the four major steps which you have to take care of, if you want to use google AdSense in your website according to me.

If you need any help comment your issue I try my best to help you.

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