Facebook is getting bigger and how this Natural Monopoly is scary. Is there a way to fix it?

Will this natural monopoly consume us?

As all the stories and lawsuits suggest, Facebook has an enormous amount of information about you, and they’re sharing it in secretive and non-generous ways. Facebook has tightened up in the years since the most abhorrent sharing took place, despite all that, it still an immensely grimy system with the petrifying amount of insight into our personal lives. After witnessing so many scandals which Facebook has been a part of, it’s hard to trust and even image if Facebook will ever do what’s right.

At the same time, nobody seems to know what to do about it. Prominent people keep publicly quitting the network, but there are thousands of new users arriving every minute to replace them. There’s a growing sense that Facebook is a problem, but it’s become the kind of problem we resign ourselves to. As one observer put it, Facebook has become a hackneyed joke much like airline food.
It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve dealt with world-changing tech monopolies before, and while it’s not easy or fast, it’s entirely possible. You just have to reach back to an earlier era in politics, and look at the big picture or even a medium-sized picture.

You might think that this article is about spreading hatred for Facebook amongst people and our community so to speak, which is categorically the opposite of what I intend to convey. If I put the record straight, I still use Facebook for business purpose because it still seems proficient in serving a purpose.

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