Apple Computers

Due to faulty updates Apple computers are at risk.

Research by Duo Lab

Mac PC receive timely updates automatically but sometimes due to a possible glitch, it ends up receiving an incomplete update.

Even though, these updates are not something people lick one’s lips over, but updates, time to time are pretty important for computers because it stops hackers from vandalizing your computer.

As important it is to keep your computer update, just like that, it’s important for the company to take on us and provide your system with the right updates. You could feel defenseless when can’t do anything if there is a problem with the updates itself, well that’s what going on with Apple computers.

According to a research by Duo Security Some times when Apple computers updates it leave important patches to firmware.

Apple Computer at risk

Researcher reviewed 73,000 Macs PCs and 4.2 percent not had the version they should’ve had. Some PCs have the oldest software updates and some are updated only once at the time of production cycle.

According to Rich Smith director of research and development at Duo Labs. “The update failed for some reason, and that failure was never noticed,”.

The missing or the failed update is the highlighted area of security it leaves the computer at huge risk, making it easy to crack by Hackers who are drooling over the opportunity of pressing wear it hurts.

Apple Appreciated Duo’s work and said they will look into the problem and make their computer more secure.

Apple announced the latest  update MAC OS 10.13 or High Sierra. Check Computer firmware weakly Here.

So, Always Make sure that you are running an updated version of OS because it’s very important for security of your computer, since we all keep our private as well as valuable content in our computers.

It doesn’t matter if are using a MAC or Windows. Keeping your Computer updated is an imperative thing to do.

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