Combined score of Note 8 and OnePlus 5 fails to beat IPhone X

Apple announced IPhone X last week, proclaiming it to be the most advanced iPhone ever, packed with some of the most peculiar exclusive enhancements that are set to ameliorate how an iPhone is used every single day. With features like bezel-less OLED display, top of the line facial-recognition, a new set of emojis as well as AR support.

Yet, the most talked about thing in the new Apple iPhone is the new chipset. Well, iPhone X and iPhone 8 comes with the new, blazingly fast and apparently unbeatable A11 Bionic chip, which promises to deliver more power and next-gen capabilities. It definitely seems like the most powerful chip in the industry right now. With numerous speed test performed on iPhone using the GeekBench 4 has turned out to be not just highly impressive, but also shocking. The results of its single-core and multi-core tests have proved that it is Herculean. Proving that Apple is not just saying it on paper.

It has beaten the most powerful chipsets that android market has to offer fair and square. Besides, it has shown its raw power in such a way, seems that even if you combine those scores of two most powerful phones that Android has to offer, it would still fall short to beat A11 Bionic chip. Brands like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and the OnePlus 5 just couldn’t stand a chance. Apple’s new Bionic chip has outpaced everyone by a fair margin. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 are being powered by an Exynos 8895 SoC, while the OnePlus 5 and the Galaxy S8+ are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoCs.


iPhone X has achieved a colossal score of 10,069 as seen in the multi-core test while Galaxy Note 8 is at the second place with 6,784 points.

Where iPhone X shines even brighter is the single-core score of  4,188, With Note 8 and Oneplus 5 Scoring 1987 and 1932 respectively, bringing their combined total to 3919, which is shockingly more than 150 points behind the iPhone X.


The iPhone X is a beast in terms of performance promising to delivery the smoothest user experience on a smartphone to date,  without many hiccups.



To top it off, the Graphics performance has also become extremely powerful, running up to 30 percent faster than iPhone 7 series enabling a new level of gaming and high-intensity apps. It also comes with a second generation performance control feature that optimizes the performance of the new phone. 

It will be interesting to see how the upcoming chips from the Android world stack up against the mighty A11 Bionic.

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