Banking is possible with virtual assistance: –

Amazon’s Alexa, Apple Siri, Google assistance

Banks and financial company started banking which with just the human voice command, from checking your account balance, paying bills, etc. Very soon, you can also send money to your friends and family.

With Zelle, the bank to bank transfer between your friends and family can be initiated with just your voice.

Virtual assistance is not that much reliable or secure to do such type of sensitive work. Its current a bit of new technology for us.

Us bank is the bank to have all three services Alexa, google assistance and Siri.

And many banks started to implement these features.

Asking about the weather on voice assistance is different but about your bank balance or paying bills is completely different because it uses your bank detail, like a secure pin or anything else.

Apple’s Siri is the most Secure of the three virtual assistants, only showing a user a bank account balance on a screen, you cannot pay bills with Siri. Apple’s smart speaker that launched earlier this year does not currently accept banking commands.

Google Assistant has the capability to do individual voice recognition, it can give us addition level of security, but that is not implemented on U.S. Bank’s Action yet. Security experts say that additional level of security could be foiled, however.

According to me, it’s not that much safe to do banking over voice assistance and smart speaker.


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