The Noble Blog is an aspiring and zealous multimedia effort founded in mid 2017 to scrutinize how technology is changing our present and will be remolding our vocation in the future for a colossal prevailing audience.

It’s our humble beginning as a microscopic but passionate team, we are sighting to grow into one of the most respected voices in tech reporting. Our commitment to idiosyncrasy and editorial integrity make us the go-to resource for Android, IOS, etc. fans and users over the world, but this site will not always look like it currently does.

Nonetheless, our goal will always be the same viz. to provide top-notch news, editorial, review and video content to tech fanatics – veteran and newcomer alike. Android or Apple, Samsung or Sony, GSM or CDMA: whatever being your particular flavor of tech, you can find it at The Noble Blog.

Our goal is also to influence an audience of professionals in the tech industry, technology enthusiasts, tech aficionados. Our team is a diverse coalition of bloggers, device reviewers, Android developers who have confederated under a singular objective: a love for the ever-growing technology and the determination to deliver superlative content.

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Our Leadership:

Dinesh Sinha

Anand Burman

Chris Art



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