A 128TB SD card!

this is the highest storage you could get on an SD card

The SD Association, the organisation that sets the standards for memory cards, is now previewing its latest development at the Mobile World Congress Asia in Shanghai: the SD Express, a format that could lead to a world of new opportunities for memory cards – and it may be just around the corner.

One is called “SD Ultra Capacity” and expands the maximum capacity of SD cards to 128 terabytes, well up on the current 2TB.

The other is “SD Express” which, by adding PCIe and NVMe interfaces , means the Association claims the cards can now hit 985 MB/sec data transfer speeds.With ever-increasing resolutions comes higher data rates and with that the need for larger and faster forms of media to store them on. SD Express looks like a good format both speed wise and size wise. We will undoubtedly see these new cards find their way into future cameras that are yet to come to market. There is no current indication of how much these new cards will cost or when they are likely to become available.


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