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Facebook is getting bigger and how this Natural Monopoly is scary. Is there a way to fix it?

Will this natural monopoly consume us?

As all the stories and lawsuits suggest, Facebook has an enormous amount of information about you, and they’re sharing it in secretive and non-generous ways. Facebook has tightened up in the years since the most abhorrent sharing took place, despite all that, it still an immensely grimy system with the petrifying amount of insight into our personal lives. After witnessing so many scandals which Facebook has been a part of, it’s hard to trust and even image if Facebook will ever do what’s right.

At the same time, nobody seems to know what to do about it. Prominent people keep publicly quitting the network, but there are thousands of new users arriving every minute to replace them. There’s a growing sense that Facebook is a problem, but it’s become the kind of problem we resign ourselves to. As one observer put it, Facebook has become a hackneyed joke much like airline food.
It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve dealt with world-changing tech monopolies before, and while it’s not easy or fast, it’s entirely possible. You just have to reach back to an earlier era in politics, and look at the big picture or even a medium-sized picture.

You might think that this article is about spreading hatred for Facebook amongst people and our community so to speak, which is categorically the opposite of what I intend to convey. If I put the record straight, I still use Facebook for business purpose because it still seems proficient in serving a purpose.

How 5G NR (New Radio) has the potential to completely transform our lives.

5G stands for fifth-generation cellular wireless, and its foundations were set at the end of 2017.

Where 3G brought the internet everywhere and 4G LTE made it faster, 5G NR is meant to bring both the capacity and speed of networks, enabling you to perform 4K VR live streams without a hint of delay.

5G NR, as it’s called, will bring about superfast mobile internet by tapping into new spectrum. We’re expecting to see the first 5G-ready phones in the first half of 2019, although most people likely won’t experience the full benefits of the new technology until about 2020.
Still, 5G NR promises to dramatically improve cellular internet speeds and enable experiences like always connected laptops or livestreaming from VR headsets. The entire mobile industry is excited as hell for it, so here’s a little guide to help you make sense of the hype.

One of the ways 5G will enable this is by tapping into new, unused bands at the top of the radio spectrum. These high bands are known as millimeter waves (mmwaves), and have been recently been opened up by regulators for licensing in parts of USA. They’ve largely been untouched by the public, since the equipment required to use them effectively has typically been expensive and inaccessible.

But technology has improved to the point where the industry collectively believes we can start tapping them for consumer electronics. And since they haven’t been used for much, compared to lower bands, they’re far less congested and can therefore enable super fast transfers. Qualcomm said you can expect “typical speeds” of 1.4 Gbps — that’s twenty times faster than the average US home broadband connection. At peak rates, think 5 Gbps, it’s enough to stream more than 50 4K movies from Netflix at the same time.

Not only that, your phone’s antenna array has to be built in a way that your hand doesn’t completely cover up the receiver at any time. Qualcomm’s solution is to stash tiny antenna arrays in various corners of your phone, and is working with many major smartphone brands on where to place them.

Most people won’t have access to 5G immediately anyway — the rollout is likely to begin in cities and spread out to rural areas, and you may need an expensive, high-end device to tap the new technology at first. Later versions of 5G will also allow things like IoT devices to connect to mmwaves, as well as allow for use of unlicensed spectrum to increase speeds some more. But eventually, it should become as prevalent as 4G is today. When that happens, what a world it will be.

The Haunting of Hill House: Chills down my spine!

I already knew that I was going to post this review before the show even ended, A couple of episodes down and I was totally addicted, so bad that I watched all 10 of them in a row, one after another. When I was mid-way, I was absolutely in love with how the story was progressing and by the time it ended, I was left with only one word “Wow”.

This is my very first time i have binge-watched a horror series, and also the first time I’m writing a review about a series based on this genre, for I felt compelled to do so.

The action takes place in two time frames, the 1980s and the modern day. The Crain family—father Hugh, mother Olivia, and children Steven, Shirley, Theodora, and twins Nel and Luke—spend a summer at Hill House that, as one might predict, changes everything. The story flips back and forth between the Crains’ lives as children and as adults, setting and answering questions about what happened in that fateful place, and exploring the psychological aftermath.

The chronology is well handled. The first five episodes are each devoted to a particular sibling’s story, showing how they intersect, and eventually adding up to a full family portrait. Episodes move fluently between formative childhood experiences and the resulting adult behavior.

Notwithstanding the foregoing. The Haunting of Hill House is HANDS DOWN  one of the best series I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a meditation on death, grief, and trauma. It is equal parts scary and engaging. It has disturbed me and moved me. This was flawlessly directed and produced and the cast has done a marvelous job in doing total justice to each and every character. Each episode flows seamlessly and the transitions between the past and present are impeccable. It’s portrayal of the supernatural as more of a human experience and less of a “poltergeist” type is revolutionary. It, to me, makes more sense to believe in ghosts than I ever thought was possible.

Flanagan previously directed the Stephen King adaptation “Gerald’s Game,” one of Netflix’s best horror movies and one so rooted in one place that it had the feel of a play.

Review: 9/10

To wrap up this, I’ll only say, If you are not a huge fan of horror, watch this series for its brilliant story. Warning: You might end up sleeping with the lights on for days.

Oscars 2019 Predictions: Sam Elliot to get his first nomination for Actor in a Supporting Role (Two Stars Are Born!).

I have seen this man act back when I was 13. From his famous role as a drunk stranger in of the classics, The Big Lebowski, to his more recent, but a vintage lead role in  “The Hero” , At 74 he still succeeds in muddling through and bringing in the most emotional facet of a movie.

In this June 6, 2017 photo, Sam Elliott poses for a portrait at the “Hero” junket at the London Hotel in West Hollywood, Calif. (Photo by Ron Eshel/Invision/AP) ORG XMIT: NYET302

To my surprise, he holds just Two golden globe nominations as of now.  Now that’s very soon going to change, without a doubt. With his outstanding performance in “A Star is Born”, I his surely getting his third golden globe nomination and might as well get his career’s first Oscar Nomination.

Sam Elliott plays Bobby, Jackson’s older brother and the caretaker/codependent to his more talented alcoholic sibling. Elliott’s always a pleasure, with his Silverado truck-selling basso profundo and excellent ‘stache. He could have given a lot less to this movie and still been an asset. Instead, he insinuated himself into its foreground. He and Cooper have an alchemical understanding of one another in their scenes. Both seem to grasp that the success of the project depends on their ability to wrench verisimilitude and heft from small, standalone moments—nevermind the inherent cliche of the larger enterprise.

With that Ladies, I’d like to say its always a pleasure and never a chore, but we have to end this blog on a note of expectancy, since, I will be carrying on with my Oscar 2019 predictions for the coming two weeks. Stay Tuned!


Oscars 2019 Prediction- “A Star is Born” is already a ginormous contender for grabbing the Best Director, Best Supporting Actor and Best Original song of the year!

After watching this I can tell you it stretches far enough to earn her some Oscar gold.

I’d like to start my take on this review that’s written below with two words: Bradley Cooper!

I watched this movie, with no knowledge about its story/summary, I wanted to be non-partisan. After I finished watching this delightful piece of art, I was flabbergasted to know that Bradley Cooper directed it. Yes, that’s right. This man is finally getting the Oscar! He surely is (Nominated 4 times as of now)

Sometimes weighty expectations can crush a movie before it has any chance to pop. With “A Star is Born,” a moving trailer and excited murmurs from film festivals, created seemingly unreachable levels of hype. Then, somehow, it reached them.

In Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, he manages to instill life and a reasonable degree of freshness into a movie that had already been made three times previously. He clearly has a knack for capturing intimacy, and he uses that skill to make a movie that is deeply personal to himself, to co-star Lady Gaga, and to the characters they portray.

It’s a remarkable achievement that this movie works. Cooper certainly deserves heaps of credit for his directing acumen and committed acting performance (he worked with a vocal coach for months to lower his speaking voice a whole octave). His voice is low, rumbling, and worn. He sounds like someone who has just finished coughing for four and a half days straight. It suits the character, Jackson Maine, who struggles with drinking and drug use, all while still managing to perform nearly every night in front of thousands of fans who adore his music.

The film is a joy as it touches your emotions and grows on you from the love of the two central characters and the pain combined with fame and sorrow make this musical drama an absolute contender for Academys.  Poised to be an instant classic, almost everything about this film is phenomenal – the acting, the cinematography, the discography, etc.

If the Oscars have truly transcended and still genuine, then, It will be nominated for several Oscars and win “best original song” for sure. Whether you love Gaga as a singer or not, let’s just appreciate and enjoy this amazing work by a new actress, LadyGaga.

This is not the typical genre of movies like Moonlight/Spotlight/Blackkklansman that will probably snatch Oscars for best picture, but I can promise it will still do well in the award seasons. To sum up, it will gain both commercial and critical success. It’s a movie that will take you to another world full of emotions. Lady Gaga is an amazing actress with impressive acting skills! The songs are pure art and her voice will give you chills, you’ll just find yourself in tears!

KEYNOTE: Wait for the Blu-ray version to come out! This movie isn’t coming to India this early. I’d advice to not watch the HDCAM version which is out already. (I had to, because,  expenses doesn’t pay for itself!)


Our beloved WhatsApp is indeed getting ads very soon!


Here is why Brian left whatsapp, he didn’t want to be a part of this exploitation

An interview with one of WhatsApp’s co-founders earlier this week confirmed that Brian Acton and Jan Koum left Facebook over huge conflict of interest with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s leadership about how WhatsApp should make money. The same article reveals that WhatsApp is indeed getting ads, and explained what’s the future of the current end to end encryption.

We always knew that Facebook would one day want to ruin WhatsApp someday, and it looks like we’re getting closer to that moment. In a way, it’s understandable. Facebook paid some $22 billion for the chat app, and it wants to make that money back. Internally, Facebook had a target of $10 billion revenue run rate within five years of monetization, the Forbes’ report says.
The monetization phase will only start next year. In its agreement with Acton and Koum, Facebook said back in 2014 that they would have “zero pressure” on monetization for then next five years.

But Facebook has been working on bringing ads to WhatsApp for a few years. The first step in this direction was that controversial move to link WhatsApp and Facebook profiles using phone numbers. That’s something Facebook said it’d never do, and paid the price for it in Europe — a $122 million fine and the removal of the feature. Initially, the plan was to serve WhatsApp customers ads inside Facebook.
But Facebook also conceived other means of making money off of WhatsApp that involve showing ads inside the chat app and opening it to businesses. End-to-end encryption stood — and still stands — in the way of that. Facebook questioned the encryption as it was working on targeted ads and commercial messaging.
Facebook wanted to place targeted ads in the new Status feature, something that will happen next year anyway, but also offer businesses analytics tools. “The challenge was WhatsApp’s watertight end-to-end encryption, which stopped both WhatsApp and Facebook from reading messages,” Forbes explains.

So what will happen to end-to-end encryption next year when ads will start showing up in WhatsApp? Nothing, at least at first. A WhatsApp spokesperson said that Status ads are coming to the messaging apps adding that “messages will remain end-to-end encrypted. There are no plans to change that.”
The report also notes that Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg avoided a straight yes or no answer to US lawmakers earlier this year when they asked whether WhatsApp still used end-to-end encryption. “We are strong believers in encryption,” she said.
End-to-end encryption is safe for the time being. Facebook can’t remove it quietly. So if it’ll ever decide to do it, it’ll have to explain the move to its customers, as well as lawmakers.

INFINITY WARS: Do you think Thanos was joking when he said, “You should have gone for the head”?

No, he is not at all joking.

You should have gone for the head

Let’s not forget that Avengers: Infinity War is Thanos’s movie. It opens with Thanos and it ends with him.

1. We see his home planet Titan, that was ravaged by overpopulation.
2. We see his genuine love for Gamora (after all, he wouldn’t have gotten hold of the soul stone unless his love was true).
3. We see him show respect for his enemies (he tells Tony Stark that he has his respect).
4. We also see him walk away from killing his opponents on many occasions.
Thanos is a very complex villain. In my opinion the best villain by far in MCU, I really like his story arc. He is the dude to deal with, Or as Drax says to Peter Quill, “You’re a dude, he’s a man.”

As a villain, Thanos is unquestionably the definition of what constitutes a great foe. Brilliantly complex, driven, capable of holding his own against the heroes, and has a world-view, although evil, nonetheless, true.

It’s easy to sympathize with him. Despite his evil intentions. For a large purple guy, he’s very believable, maybe even noble.

So, when it’s close to the end, and Thor flings Stormbreaker into the chest of Thanos, he says, “You should have gone for the head,” you can see it in his eyes, he is once again showing respect for his enemy, maybe even making a small joke, by telling Thor that a headshot (or a shot that would have severed his arm from the Infinity Gauntlet) would have prevented him from what he does next… (snap his fingers and kill half of the population of the universe).

We see how he feels about lying through his scene with Gamora when he shows her that he knows she found the location of the Soul Gem. He’s wounded that she would lie to him.

He doesn’t esteem lies.

It’s indicated over and over again that Thanos says what he means.

How hulk was defeated so easily by Thanos

Movie: American Animals. Truth behind the “Not based on a true story” tagline.

American Animals

this is not a review for the movie. Its only to depict the efforts put by bary.

Movie American Animals  – When a movie starts with the text “based on a true story,” audiences are meant to believe that what they are about to see is mostly true. But the words “based on” can be very misleading.

Often the rights to a true-life story are based on an article or book. This leads to the real-life people behind the story if they are still alive, often not being a part of storytelling. That could mean the filmmakers taking a lot of major artistic liberties to get the story gripping enough for it to be worthy of the big screen.

Director Bart Layton belongs to a background in documentary filmmaking (“The Imposter”) , he wanted to change that viewpoint with his new movie “American Animals”. And right from the opening, it promises to be different. It not very different though.

The text at the start boldly changes from reading “This is not based on a true story” to “This is a true story.”

Finding the men behind the heist

“American Animals” looks at the audacious attempted heist of priceless books from Transylvania University’s special collections library in 2004 by childhood friends Warren Lipka and Spencer Reinhard. The movie follows the two, along with two other fellow students they enlisted, as they plan and follow through with the heist. Every second they think they are masterminds when in fact they are a bunch of bored suburban kids who get in over their heads.

This may all sound like your typical heist movie, and i won’t disagree with, I  also wont call this a great movie to watch in any way, it has more than a few flaws, nonetheless, here’s the kicker: Layton also filmed the real members of the heist as well, so along with actors cast to play them, the movie also gets the perspective of the men who did it. The heist members even have on-screen discussions with the actors playing them at certain moments.

Reinhard (played by Barry Keoghan), Lipka (Evan Peters), and the two other members – Chas Allen (Blake Jenner) and Eric Borsuk (Jared Abrahamson) – were all caught after the heist and went to prison for over seven years. It was during their stint in prison when Layton, who had come across their story in a magazine article while on a flight, began writing letters to the men.
“I wrote to each of them and asked why, what was the motivation?” Layton told Business Insider. “They sent back these surprising letters about doing it because they were searching for their identity and the realization that maybe they weren’t going to be interesting or special in life like how they were told they would be when they were brought up. For me, it took it from a great story to an amazing story.”

For years, Layton had a correspondence with the men through letters while also feeding his interest in the subject by getting their case files and police reports of the heist through the Freedom of Information Act. And despite a “big Hollywood producer” having the life rights to the men, according to Layton, he began to work on a script for a movie that would depict how the heist went down.

I  would call this a style of true movie making which is hard to come across these days.
Layton is no stranger to putting a unique spin on stories that are already ambitious in nature. His major breakout in the movie world was his award-winning 2012 documentary “The Imposter,” which is rIn it, he tells the story of a man in 1997 convinced authorities on two continents that he was a boy who had gone missing three years earlier at the age of 13. He even convinced the boy’s family.
Layton didn’t just film interviews with all the players involved – even the crafty admitted imposter, Frédéric Bourdin – but filmed Bourdin’s recollections through reenactments, blurring what was true and what was made up by Bourdin.

For “American Animals,” Layton wanted to go a step further. He believed having the real people placed into the narrative would heighten the truth.
“I wanted to experiment with this notion that there might be a new way in which to tell a true story,” Layton said. “A gripping rollercoaster white knuckle heist movie but at the same time because of the inclusion of the real guys you have a connection to the truth and to the reality.”

While trading letters with the heist participants in prison, Layton was informed that the Hollywood producer declined to reacquire the rights after they lapsed, allowing Layton to nab them and go forward with his movie. When the heist members were through with their prison sentences, Layton asked them to be in the movie, though making it clear that they were not going to receive a major payday for their involvement.

“It was nothing that would commensurate to life rights from Hollywood,” Layton said. “We paid them for their time. We didn’t want them to profit from this seeing they did something that’s not legal.”

Getting the victim to agree to be in the movie

“American Animals” concludes with how the heist went down, and though it’s depicted with all its stranger-than-fiction qualities, it’s the added element Layton plugged in that really drives it home.

He found the librarian who was working the day the heist took place. Depicted by character actor Ann Dowd in the movie, at a point toward the end of the movie, the real Betty Jean Gooch comes on screen, dressed exactly how she in the movie, with an interview about the experience. It’s a moment in the movie that stands out for Layton because it defines what he tried to do with the movie – building an added aspect.

“I wanted her to get the last word,” Layton said in an interview, though he admitted she needed a lot of convincing to be in the movie.
Gooch, along with the four real-life heist members, were the few who saw the movie before it had its world premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

“She’s the only person I would have gone back into the finished film and changed anything,” , he went on saying”But she actually loved the film and said after we showed it to her that she could actually begin to find a degree of forgiveness toward the guys after all this time.”

The Punisher Season 1: Review

How hulk was defeated so easily by Thanos at the beginning of Infinity Wars?

How hulk was defeated so easily by Thanos

How hulk was defeated so easily by Thanos, I think I’m capable of answering this, for I have been reading a lot of online marvel comics lately and watching some of its old as well as the new animated series.

To answer this question we will have to dig in a little. Even though the MCU’s version is not exactly canon, but they still draw a lot of inspirations and classifications from the comics.

Infinity war Hulk vs thanos

The answer in this post is completely based on theories and my curated knowledge.

For example, We clearly know that Thor and Hulk are the most powerful avengers, in terms of BRUTE strength.

Which is what I would discuss to establish the utter beat-down oh Hulk by Thanos in minutes, right in front of a liberated (Ragnorak) Thor on his knees.

I have not come across anyone who could address the inherent power and lineage (that leads to that power) of Thanos.

He was born as an abomination (mutant, who as usual was hated by his own kind for his peculiarity) to the ETERNALS (Check them out).

By far the strongest and most powerful Titanian Eternal, Thanos is a superhuman mutant whose massive, the heavy-bodied form was born with the capacity to synthesize cosmic energy for certain personal uses.

Thanos has increased his powers through bionic amplification, mystical enhancement, and as a result of being resurrected by Death itself.

Thanos possesses vast superhuman strength the full limits of which aren’t known. Death has increased his strength beyond their original limits to levels rivaling or surpassing those of the physically strongest Eternals. Thanos’ strength is so vast he has destroyed entire planets with the simple force of his blows.

He has proven capable of fighting Thor even when he had the Power Gem.

His strength is so vast that he has been able to easily defeat the likes of the Silver Surfer, punch away an attacking Hulk, physically subduing with ease Beta Ray Bill and Ronan the Accuser (as well as casually breaking apart the latter’s Universal Weapon) and, most impressively, wrestle with the mighty Greek god in law and power, although only by being additionally empowered by an external power source.

Thanos can also augment his strength with his cosmic energy when needed.

Add to it the other capabilities,

Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Stamina


Accelerated Healing Factor

Superhuman Reflexes & Agility

As a Titan, much advanced Skilled Unarmed Combatant

Thanos can defeat a lot of heroes & villains, bare-handed without even needing the Gauntlet, sometimes even stronger than him. He only needs the IG to carry out his more diabolical and ulterior plans much beyond just raw power.

In the scene, when he fights Hulk, with the power gem he could’ve easily finished Hulk, without even touching him but he doesn’t just obliterate him.

It is because Thanos respects/is intrigued by Hulk, just like he left Thor, Star-Lord and even Iron Man in the end. He praised, notated very crucial regards to each.

He’s much more than the Hulk, smarter. more intelligent (a different thing), more experienced and given Hulk’s immaturity in Ragnorak, much more stronger mentally and physically.

Ok, some possible spoilers ahead.

That said, I think in the second part, Hulk would stand up to him and that would be the much-needed evolution for Hulk.

Until then, do not mess with the Mad Titan


How do you think Cap was able to hold back Thanos and the infinity gauntlet?


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